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About Us

Anatolia Folk Ensemble introduces Anatolia People’s Music, Dance and Cultures from Anatolia – TURKEY. The Group is mainly located in Los Angeles. 

The variety of music, dance, and artists makes for a virtually endless combination of exciting performances.  There are the mysterious “Turkish Nights”, sultry and seductive “Arabic Belly Dance Nights” and how about experiencing the adventurous “1001 Nights”? Each of these ensembles are rich with culture and costuming, audience entertainment and participation. Vedat Gursoylu is a master musician and performer with a degree in music and folk arts from ITU/Folk Dancing in Istanbul Turkey, and works tirelessly to provide the greatest source of Middle Eastern entertainment in California and across the United States.  Instruction by Vedat is also available in all of the disciplines.  His mastery includes several Turkish Folk Instruments. (Baglama/Saz, Zurna, Davul/Darbuka, etc…) Mr. Gursoylu has performed and orchestrated many national and international world wide since 1986.

Come to experience Anatolia and enjoy!