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European Night – Bulgaria,Croatia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Turkey

European Night – Bulgaria,Croatia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Turkey(Anatolia Folk – AF Entertainment)

European Heritage Festival and ПЧЕЛА – Bulgarian Culture and Education Society, Los Angeles

Croatian Cultural Center of Greater Los Angeles 510 W 7th St, San Pedro, California 90731

Join us for one night of music, songs and dances, Let’s celebrate the friendship between our communities in the second Annual Friendship Spring Night of European Cultural Aliance hosted at Croatian Cultural Center.
Bulgarians , Croatians, Macedonians and Ukraininas will share the colors of their beautiful national costumes, the dancing steps and the music and songs of their land.

Doors will be open at 5:30 pm

Тhe Program will start 6:30pm

Chorus Zhena and Eve Pericich will perform medley of interantional folklore songs.
Macedonski Biseri and Cane Cerovski will presnet dances of Macedonia
Bulgarian Dancing groups wil present dancing choregraphy for Balkanfest 2017 and Verea Fest 2017
Ukrainian Cultural Center,Chervona Kalyna and Asia Gorskya will present dances of Ukraine.

Los Angeles UCLA Turkish Culture Night Music by Anatolia Folk. 

You are all cordially invited to Turkish Culture Night this upcoming Sunday! There will be traditional dance and music performances, a Turkish-themed photo booth, as well as a Turkish coffee stand and LOTS of yummy Turkish food.
We guarantee a good time!
No RSVP necessary, the event is FREE to all and open to everyone!

Make sure to bring friends!!!

Date and Time: Sunday, April 9th, 2017 @6pm at Bruin Reception Room (Ackerman 2nd floor).

AnatoliaFolk Dance and Music Show September 11, 2016

Anatolia Folk Dance and Music Show September 11, 2016

LABA AFDance is a healthy activity for your mind, body, and soul. According to a study inThe New England Journal of Medicine, dancing may boost your memory and prevent you from developing dementia as you get older. Dance is also your direct connection to joy, which is a powerful healing energy that you have at your fingertips.

Dance Now, Dance Often

Need to know when is your next chance to dance? Click here to view our weekly schedule.

Studio Showcase and dance party. Need some inspiration? We have prepared quite a show for you. Take this passionate journey around the world!
The Culture Club
Performance Showcase
September 11, 2016
Los Angeles Belly Dance Academy Center
1644 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
6:30pm doors open
7:00pm showtime Tickets $10 seating guaranteed

Silk Road Folk Dance Festivals in Los Angeles, Levitt Center

July.29.2016 – Spotlight Series: Silk Road


On Sunday, the Silk Road festival returns to Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles in MacArthur Park for the fifth consecutive year to showcase the vast cultural riches of three diaspora communities. Did you know that Los Angeles—one of the world’s great crossroads—is home to people from over 180 countries, speaking 140 different languages? This wealth of ethnic diversity translates directly to the city’s cultural offerings, including food, art, theater, dance and music.

The upcoming Silk Road festival (not to be confused with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble) will feature the Los Angeles-based Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy, Anatolia Turkish Folk Dance Group and Nupur Academy for Indian Classical Performing Arts. Get ready for a lively night with this behind-the-scenes look at a few dances from these groups’ respective homelands!

Turkish folk dances

Turkey—which borders three seas and connects Europe to Asia—boasts a myriad of folk dances that reflect the cultures and traditions of the country’s different regions. Often involving lines or circles of dancers who link their arms, kick their legs, wave handkerchiefs or click together wooden spoons, Turkish folk dances are also distinctive for their complex rhythms and colorful costumes. Traditional musical instruments such as the davul (large drum), zurna (pipe), kaval (shepherd’s pipe), sipsi (reed) and cigirtma (fife) accompany the dances, which typically evoke natural phenomena, rites of passage, people’s occupations or everyday tasks.

Master performer, Vedat Gursoylu, leads the Anatolia Turkish Folk Dance Group—a diverse ensemble dedicated to learning and sharing Turkish music and dance with the greater Los Angeles community. Gursoylu, who holds a degree in music and folk arts from Istanbul Technical University, offers instruction in Turkish folk dance, gypsy dance, musical instruments and more. In 2013, the Anatolia Turkish Folk Dance Group was awarded a certificate from the City of Los Angeles for its service to the community.

more in>> http://www.blog.levitt.org/2016/07/spotlight-series-silk-road/


Anatolia Folk Ensemble, introduces Anatolia People’s Music, Dance and Cultures from Anatolia – TURKEY. The Group is mainly located in Los Angeles. Also the group members are Turkish, Balkan, Middle Eastern… Honestly from all over the world. You can see in this group such a colorful mosaic. Because of this reason, “We are AnatoliaFolk” (AnatoliaFolk.com)

The variety of music, dance, and artists makes for a virtually endless combination of exciting performances. There are the mysterious “Turkish Nights”, sultry and seductive “Arabic Belly Dance Nights” and how about experiencing the adventurous “1001 Nights”? Each of these ensembles are rich with culture and costuming, audience entertainment and participation.

Come and learn with us in Los Angeles.